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2021 Diversity Questionnaire Responses

The Coalition for a Diverse Harvard, along with 12 other Harvard alumni organizations*, has asked each of the 11 Overseer candidates (8 nominated by the Harvard Alumni Association and 3 by petition) and 9 Elected Director candidates (nominated by the Harvard Alumni Association) to answer a questionnaire about their views. Responses have been received from all of the candidates.


Please click here to see the Coalition for a Diverse Harvard endorsements for 2021 and here to JOIN THE COALITION.


Click on a name below to view each candidate's response. 



Responses from Candidates for Overseer Nominated by the Harvard Alumni Association (eight)

Christiana Goh Bardon MD ’98 magna cum laude, MBA ’03 

Mark J. Carney AB ’87 magna cum laude

Kimberly Nicole Dowdell MPA ’15

Christopher B. Howard MBA ’03 with distinction

María Teresa Kumar MPP ’01

Raymond J. Lohier Jr. AB ’88 cum laude

Terah Evaleen Lyons AB ’14

Sheryl WuDunn MBA ’86

Responses from Candidates for Overseer Nominated by Petition (three)

Yvette Efevbera SM ’11, SD ’18

Megan Red Shirt-Shaw EdM ’17 

Natalie Unterstell MPA ’16 


Responses from Candidates for Elected Director Nominated by the Harvard Alumni Association (nine)

Whitney S. F. Baxter AB ’07, MBA ’11

Benjamin Taylor Faw MBA ’14

Jane Labanowski AB ’17 

Hannah Park AB ’13

Tenzin Priyadarshi MTS ’03

Rebecca Chamian Ribaudo AB ’93 magna cum laude

Íñigo Sánchez-Asiaín MBA ’90

George Abraham Thampy AB ’10

Maiya Williams Verrone AB ’84 cum laude



Online voting will be available via a link sent by email on April 1st through 5:00 p.m. (EDT) on May 18th, 2021. You may also vote via paper ballot, which will be mailed by April 1. Online voting instructions can be found on your paper ballot and in Harvard 2021 elections emails. 

Paper ballots for the Overseers and Elected Directors must be received by 5:00 pm EDT on May 18th.


Coalition for a Diverse Harvard

First Generation Harvard Alumni

Harvard Arab Alumni Association

Harvard Asian American Alumni Alliance

Harvard Black Alumni Society

Harvard Gender & Sexuality Caucus

Harvard Latino Alumni Alliance

Harvard Progressive Jewish Alumni

Harvard South Asian Alumni Alliance

Harvard Tamil Sangam Alumni

Harvard University Muslim Alumni

Harvard Women of Color

Native American Alumni of Harvard University


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