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Rudy N. Brioché

M.P.P. ‘00

Rudy Brioché has spent 20 years balancing a career at the highest levels of telecommunications policy with alumni leadership for both HAA and HKS. Currently a VP at Comcast, Brioché analyzes legislation and develops policy positions; and serves on the Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment of the FCC. He is former counsel to the NAACP’s DC Bureau. 

The child of Haitian immigrants, Brioché grew up in a Brooklyn “broken glass neighborhood” that was nurturing despite the devastation of the crack epidemic. He left for college as neighborhood friends were being sent to prison. Following law school, Brioché attended HKS, drawn by scholars like Leon Higginbotham, Jr. and William Julius Wilson. Since then, he has consistently looked for ways to give back.

A former HAA Board member, Brioché has held nearly every volunteer position at HKS. He is current chair of the HKS Black Alumni Association and former chair of the HKS Alumni Association. Brioché is board chair for Roots of Development, a nonprofit supporting sustainable development in Haiti, and serves on the boards of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and Family Online Safety.

Rudy N. Brioché
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