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Robert L. Satcher Jr.

M.D. ‘94

As an associate professor and physician at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Robert Satcher has led the institution-wide implementation of virtual care; does translational cancer research and cares for cancer patients; worked with international partners to increase cancer care in sub-Saharan Africa; and co-founded the collaborative eHealth Research Institute, which seeks to expand health care access through technology. In addition, he completed two spacewalks during a 2009 mission to the International Space Station—the first time an orthopedic surgeon went into orbit.

Dr. Satcher told the Coalition that diversity, equity and inclusion “has been a driving principle and commitment …  throughout my career.” Dr. Satcher examined faculty diversity as an undergrad and graduate student at MIT; helped lay the groundwork for creation of an Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion as an MD-PhD student at Harvard Medical School; and promoted STEM education for underrepresented groups while at NASA.

Dr. Satcher identifies as key challenges for Harvard “preserving opportunities for higher education of underrepresented minorities in ways that are inclusive of the plurality of our society,” insuring “ethical and robust solutions” to the challenges of new technology like AI, and providing leadership in the global debate over combating climate change. Dr. Satcher has “witnessed the adverse impacts that result from racism in healthcare and academia, and [is] committed to advancing the mission of fostering access to the transformative power of higher education for the benefit of all.”

Robert L. Satcher Jr.
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