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The Coalition for a Diverse Harvard, as well as other Harvard alumni organizations, has asked each of the 8 Overseer candidates and 9 Elected Director candidates nominated by the Harvard Alumni Association to answer a questionnaire about their views. Responses have been received from all the candidates. Please click on a name below to view each candidate's response, here to view Overseer Candidates' responses or here to view Elected Director Candidates' responses. To view the Coalition's endorsements or to join the Coalition, please go to the Home page.


Candidates for Overseer Nominated by the Harvard Alumni Association (eight)

Paul L. Choi AB ’86 magna cum laude, JD ’89 magna cum laude

Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar AB ’93 magna cum laude

Darienne B. Driver EdM ’06, EdD ’14

Carla Harris AB ’84 magna cum laude, MBA ’87

Lane MacDonald AB ’88 cum laude

Elizabeth D. Samet AB ’91 magna cum laude

Craig R. Stapleton AB ’67 magna cum laude, MBA ’70

Leslie P. Tolbert AB ’73 cum laude, PhD ’78


Candidates for Elected Director Nominated by the Harvard Alumni Association (nine)

Martha Abbruzzese Genieser AB ’91 

Nathaniel Q. Belcher MArch ’92

Sangu Julius Delle AB ’10 cum laude, JD ’17, MBA ’17

Drew Engles AB ’87 cum laude

Sachin H. Jain AB ’02 magna cum laude, MD ’06, MBA ’07

Elena Hahn Kiam AB ’85 cum laude

Ronald P. Mitchell AB ’92 cum laude, MBA ’97

Paola A. Peacock Friedrich SM ’06, EdLD ’14

Leslie Miller Saiontz AB ’81



Ballots for the Overseers election will be mailed to all Harvard and Radcliffe alumni by approximately April 1st and must be received in Cambridge by 5:00 pm EDT on Tuesday, May 16th. Each alum may vote for up to five candidates. There are five open slots on the 30-member Board. Overseers are elected to six-year terms.


Current Board of Overseers

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