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VOTE By May 16, 2023 for Candidates

Endorsed by Coalition for a Diverse Harvard

and 8 Alumni Organizations Committed to Racial Justice

for Harvard Overseers and Elected Directors 


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As attacks on educational curricula and institutions mount, the need to elect Harvard leaders who will work collectively for diversity and racial justice – with each other and with us – is more urgent than ever. Harvard must, with others, counter national campaigns to reduce educational access and equity, erase history, and silence expression.  On campus, Harvard has far to go on issues including Ethnic Studies, sexual harassment, faculty tenure and retention, and its 1650 Charter commitments to Native American students.  


After an exhaustive research and review process, the Coalition for a Diverse Harvard is endorsing 11 extraordinary candidates. We are proud to be joined in our endorsements by these extraordinary organizations:


Coalition for a Diverse Harvard

First Generation Harvard Alumni

Harvard Asian American Alumni Alliance

Harvard Black Alumni Society

Harvard Gender & Sexuality Caucus

Harvard Latino Alumni Alliance

Harvard South Asian Alumni Alliance

Harvard Tamil Sangam Alumni

Native American Alumni of Harvard University

 Read all the candidates' responses to the Diversity Questionnaire here.


 In ballot order



  • Vanessa W. Liu*, A.B. ‘96, J.D. ‘03

  • Fiona Hill*, A.M. ’91, Ph.D. ‘98

  • Robert L. Satcher Jr.*, M.D. ‘94

  • Arturo Elizondo*, A.B. ‘14

  • Luis A. Ubiñas*, A.B. ‘85, M.B.A. ‘89



  • Barbara R. Barreno-Paschall*, A.B. ‘07

  • Theodora Skeadas*, A.B. 12, M.P.P. ‘16

  • Rudy N. Brioché*, M.P.P. ‘00

  • Jason W. Young, A.B. ‘04

  • Yvonne O. Osirim*, A.B. ‘01, J.D. 07

  • Judith L. Norsigian*, A.B. ‘70 

* Member of the Coalition for a Diverse Harvard

These candidates have the strongest histories of advocacy and accomplishments on diversity initiatives and are best positioned to help Harvard be a more diverse, inclusive, and just institution. We believe they will powerfully support Dean Claudine Gay as she assumes the Harvard presidency and also push the University to do better. We endorse them enthusiastically, and we need your support to get them elected.

To reach our endorsements, our Candidate Review Committee spent weeks:


The Committee then met repeatedly to discuss each candidate’s experience advancing racial justice and equity and their potential to contribute to the Overseer and E.D. boards. Please note that we had to choose from many qualified candidates; we selected the same number of candidates as there are available seats in order to maximize the electoral impact of our endorsement. The Candidate Review Committee of Coalition for a Diverse Harvard found that all the candidates have made stellar contributions to their communities and professions. 



Please VOTE online or by mail. To vote online (it's super easy and quick), look for a 3/31 email from Harvard 2023 Elections with the subject "Voting is now open . . . " If you can't find your ballot, check spam. Problems? Email and copy us ( with your name, degree, and graduation year. Completed ballots must be received by 5 pm on May 16. Another strong showing by the Coalition will help us in our efforts to promote Ethnic Studies, race-conscious holistic admissions, faculty of color, and other issues related to DEI and racial justice.  


With thanks,

Jane, Margaret, Jeannie, Kristin & Michael


Jane Sujen Bock, Margaret M. Chin, Jeannie Park, Kristin R. Penner & Michael Williams

Directors, Coalition for a Diverse Harvard



The 2023 Candidate Review Committee

Jane Sujen Bock, A.B. '81, Margaret M. Chin, A.B. '84, Laura Dumbach, A.B. '84, Kristin R. Penner, A.B. '89, Tab Timothy Stewart, A.B. '88, David Van Taylor A.B. '83, Rachel B. Tiven A.B. '96, Emily Van Dyke, A.B. '03, MPH '09, Itzel Vasquez-Rodriguez A.B. '17, and Michael Williams A.B. '81 (with thanks to Hyeryoung Rhee HGSE M.A. '22, J.J. Moore A.B. ‘26, and Muskaan Arshad ‘A.B. 25).

Overseer Candidates
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